I was invited once again to be a vendor at Sampson's Hollow's Bridal Show by the lovely Mrs. Janice Livingston. I have to throw in the Mrs. part because she was my teacher in high school for the longest time. Most of us just referred to her as JL!

I've posted about the venue, so I won't say anything in particular about it. It was a beautiful day though! My table was actually outside, which was awesome due to the weather being fantastic. There we so many cool vendors that I have added to my vendor page! I got to meet many soon-to-be brides and their significant other and sometimes family. It's nice being able to be personable with potential clients and actually have a face to face conversation sometimes rather than over the phone or some other form of social media.

These kinds of events are so vital to every vendor and eve the venue. I would encourage any bride, groom, whoever to attend these bridal shows and open house events. Not only do you get a feel of the actual venue, but you can take away so much information just speaking to vendors. It will really help to plan your big day and makes it so much easier!