Sampson's hollow- walland, tn

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I have had the pleasure of working with the owner, Janice Livingston, for a few months now. Actually scratch that. I've worked with Mrs. Livingston since I was in high school. She was actually my Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Sports and Entertainment teacher back in the day! I was a high school senior while she was in the first stages of opening this beautiful venue. She has always been an inspiration to me, and here I am years later using all the knowledge and tools she instilled in me a long time ago.

The farm is simply breathtaking. As soon as you pull onto the gravel drive it's a sigh of relief. It feels as if you're in a serene place away from the rest of the world and you truly are. It's peaceful... very peaceful. The farm is located off Highway 321 in Walland and is convenient to Sevierville, Maryville, and even Knoxville. Among the beautiful scenery, the farm also offers several different beautiful areas for your ceremony. There are TONS of different spots that are perfect for photos. One of my personal favorites is a little spot that looks like an old filling station. Complete with a vintage gas pump, old signage, and even an old truck that just completes the rustic vibe. There's also Sampson's tree. One of my other favorite spots on the farm. This tree is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and pictures do it no justice. It even has a wooden swing, which once again is perfect for photos, which anywhere you step foot on the farm is a perfect photo opportunity!

Facilities, facilities, facilities! The Bonny Red barn is the main event. Spacious and perfect for a reception, as well as other events as well! The porch is also beautiful and spacious with strands of bulb strings lights hanging from the wooden ceiling, and a beautiful chandelier casting the perfect amount of soft light. Stepping inside the barn, there's plenty of room for your guest and just up the stairs is the grooms suite. The bride gets her own spot as well — it's just across from the barn and is called the Honeymoon Cabin. A beautiful rustic cabin, which is also where the Bride and Groom will sneak off to when the day has finally ended.

Sampson's Hollow is unique, affordable, family-owned and operated. The staff are super friendly and helpful and the coordinators are beyond amazing and will make your dram wedding truly perfect! It's definitely on the top of my list of wedding venues. Come check them out! They host a few bridal shows a year and I will probably be there!