let's get to know each other

Photography has always been an interest of mine. I bought my first “expensive” camera back in 2008.

Life happened, and I drifted away from the art. I found some inspiration again back in 2020, I dipped back in, and started saving up for something a little nicer than my old Canon Rebel I had been using for years.

Fast-forward to 2021, I picked back up where I left off. Bought new equipment, and followed my passion. I knew I had an eye for photography, and I knew I had to dive back in. Now, here I am!


George Eastman, KODAK Founder


I do several different types of photography. I also love shooting old school film and developing it myself! Not only that, but I collect some really cool vintage cameras also, they intrigue me! I have a huge collection. To truly understand the actual art of photography, you have to put in the research, time, and effort! I found shooting digitally just wasn't enough for me. I needed to go back to the basics. It made me appreciate the art of photography so much more. You will always find me carrying a 35 mm camera on a wedding day! I like to throw back and practice some of my film techniques here and there!


Absolutely not! Check out my portfolio - I do a little bit of everything! It's kind of funny though. I told myself I'd never photograph a wedding. I have plenty of photographer friends, and I have heard how difficult a wedding day can be. I took a leap of faith though back in 2021 when a friend asked me to photograph her youngest daughter's wedding. Everything worked out smoothly and I loved it. Now... here I am!

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love to get out of dodge for a few days any chance I get!

What makes you stand out?

There are sooo many photographers these days. We're all really different, and we do things different. I love the connection, especially when doing weddings, that I build with my clients. I'm the kinda guy who checks in, makes sure my brides good and making sure the day is as smooth as possible. My absolute FIRST thing I do when scheduling a booking is reach out and send a questionnaire. That's critical in building a solid relationship with my client. I want to know about expectations, explore thoughts, and make sure you're getting everything you paid for. Booking a wedding is a little more complex, but beyond the questionnaire, I love to provide resources, checklists, and be somewhat of a go-to person with questions. This sure isn't my first rodeo when it comes to the ins and outs of a wedding day! The connection with my clients and families that I build is the most important thing. I'm often referred by my clients to other family members, friends, and even strangers. Word of mouth is the most truthful and best advertisement! That says a lot!

Keith Boling Photography is a licensed and insured business in the state of Tennessee. I am also authorized to photograph weddings & portraits inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park .