Hi, I'm Keith

Born and raised in East Tennessee, I've always had an eye for beauty, as our area is just beautiful! I began my journey in photography back in 2008 when I bought my first "professional" camera and started experimenting. Mainly shooting landscape photos of our beautiful scenery here, I eventually drifted away from the art and picked it back up in 2020.

I wasn't really sure where to go with it, but I just went. I had dipped into a bit of portrait photography, then I was asked by a friend to do her daughter's wedding. I was hesitant, but with her positive encouragement, I agreed. Everything just suddenly started. I'm truly grateful for word of mouth advertisement - it's the BEST advertisement!

I love connecting with my clients. I often follow my couples, for example, from engagement photos all the way to the wedding and then the firstborn child! I love to establish a relationship with each and every client I work with! I've built some amazing friendships over the years!

In my free time, I enjoy cooking (I think I'm great at it), traveling, and spending time with my other half and crazy puppy (if you meet him, you will understand)! I'm a collector of old vintage cameras and have so many! I also enjoy spending time using them, and I have recently taught myself how to develop my own film and film scanning. I love the history of photography, and I've learned to appreciate it much more by learning to develop film, It's hard work! 

I'd love to answer any questions you may have - just get in touch!